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FOR NOT KNOWING WHAT MINI EGGS ARE. THE BEST THING KNOWN TO MAN AFTER PEROGIES! OMG. I'm so disappionted. I've never been so disappointed in a person.

I'm disowning you for a while. Till you learn your fucking best foods ever and take a test I make for you.


(I'm not disowning you cause I can't do that BUT I'm still diappointed. Like a parent when a child lies to them and they are all "I'm disappointed in you" Yup.)

Now bask in the mini egg goodness.


Life is boring. School.--> Work --> Sleep. That's what I do. Nothing interesting goes on ever. EXCEPT FOR THE CONCERT IN LIKE 6 DAYS. WOOOOO! I'm so excited. WTKKKKK FTWW. I work tonight which sucks but I didn't go to school cause there was this stupid winter carnival thing at the school that I didn't want to go too. I was gunna update about something last night but I totally forget. Probably should have done it last night. >_< OH WELL. I'm sure I'll find more to update about later. Bye fro now!